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Impulse buy

Most women have a fetish for shoe shopping or handbags and cannot leave a shop without buying the shiny shoes and matching handbag regardless of the fact that they probably do not need another pair......I, on the other hand, have rather a butch obssesion with impulse buying VW cars!!  My hubby is at the end of his tether with my obssession as we have wandered the country looking at wrecks that I have not been able to resist.  Some have been winners and scrubbed up well and sold on for a profit but most have been left on the drive of the vendor who have not been as impressed by my obssession. Promising on these occassions to the hubby to try to control my fetish and stop buying random cars without his input. 
Well this Monday as my hubby left for a long day at work in London, after many hours of labourious housework and paperwork, I settled down with a cuppa and decided, as I do most days, to flick through Ebay and see if there had been any new VW listings that took my fancy.  I had been looking for a convertible beetle, new or old, depending on the price as a self drive not for the business, my old MK3 Golf is now getting tatty.  as I hit the search button for newly listed, what popped up but a gorgeous 1966 VW Beetle rag top in VW off white with lots of chrome bling, original red interior (OK it was tatty inside but hey) and red sprintster wheel behind the spokes. It was gorgeous....I could imagine myself cruising down the road with the rag top open on a gloroius summer eve (hey I can dream about the UK weather being nice...cant I!!) sitting out with my vintage picnic on the beach next to the Love Bug... I even named her Cariad just from the pictures on Ebay!!!  That was it.....did I call the other half to check if I could buy the car or did I just take the bull by the horns and hit the Buy it Now button???  I tried to call him burt he was working inside the Olympia Stadium in London and there was no signal.  Answerphone.......try again says my consience....Answerphone......one last time....Answerphone.
Panic sets it.  If I leave it till he gets home someone else will snap up this bargain and live my momentary dream....balls to it...Buy it Now here I go........Buyers remorse lasted all of 5 minutes until I was already sharing my buy with friends on Facebook!!  He will kill me as I realised that the car was in South Yorkshire 4 hours from us in Cardiff.  But the car looked at me beaming and I had to have it at all costs. 
Cariad - my 1966 Rag Top Beetle the best impulse buy so far at LoveDub WeddingsPaul rang and was silent when I told him his plan for the weekend.....silence that enede in the mobile being switched off and a few blue words floated around the house for a few hours.  When he finally plucked up the courage to answer my please for forgiveness he did look at the car and fell just as in love with it as me!!!  So adventure for the weekend.....collect Cariad and bring her home to the rest of the VW crew...Cant wait for a crisp (warm??? winter eve to cruise her to the beach and sit in my deck chair  (covered in a very thick woolen tartan blanket w) with my flask of tea watching the sunset....just me and Cariad....:)  

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