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Impulse buy by LoveDub Weddings

Another bargain impulse buy!!

I am not guilty of this one.  Paul had listed his Ducato Camper onto Ebay as was browsing a few classic car sites when he stumbled across a stunning part restored 1972 Karmann Beetle in Lotus white in a garage in Pwllheli North Wales.  This car was near completion, new respray, newly upholstered interior and all rubbers replaced,  all the parts to complete the job where included in the sale but, due to age and ill health, the gentleman was desperate to sell the car to a much loved home and, lucky him, we found it first!

Impulse buy

Most women have a fetish for shoe shopping or handbags and cannot leave a shop without buying the shiny shoes and matching handbag regardless of the fact that they probably do not need another pair......I, on the other hand, have rather a butch obssesion with impulse buying VW cars!!  My hubby is at the end of his tether with my obssession as we have wandered the country looking at wrecks that I have not been able to resist.  Some have been winners and scrubbed up well and sold on for a profit but most have been left on the drive of the vendor who have not been as impressed by my obssession.